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About Vernon Tube Tools

In 2002 the Vernon Tube Expanding product line was purchased by Bill McDuffie and moved to Conroe/Houston, Texas. The complete Vernon Tube Expanding System is manufactured and assembled in the Conroe/Houston, Texas area. The inventory of Vernon expanders, parts and accessories has been increased to serve the customers.

The product offering by Vernon Tube Tools has been increased to include a full line of accessories, self feeding expanders and pneumatic torque controlled rolling motors. All of these products are shown on the web site.

With the large inventory we are able to make most shipments the same day as ordered.

Rentals are available on many items such as rolling motors, tube cutters, tube pullers, tube cleaners, portable pipe beveling equipment (including attachments for weld removal of tube to tube sheet), tube leak detectors, rivet busters and chipping hammers.

Bill McDuffie has been involved in the design and supply of tube tools to the heat transfer industry since 1963. Bill has worked to supply products and training on the use of the products in more than 60 countries.

With our knowledgeable staff we would welcome a chance to serve you from this family owned operation. Call, 888-528-8222 toll free or e-mail, bmtex@aol.com for sales, service, rentals or just questions.
Toll Free 888.528.8222
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